Web Development

We develop robust, scalable, secured and fast performing web applications. Our key concern is speed up your website, make it secured and user friendly. We think these are the key things to boost up your business and get more leads by your website.

Have a look on our web related services!

Web design

We design custom website from scratch.

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Web development

We develop brand new website for you or your company.

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Website customization

Let's help you to customize of your existing website and make it more professional!

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E-commerce solutions

We provide complete e-commerce solutions including payment methods integration.

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Device compatibility

We can help your to make your website responsive means all device compatible.

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Server administration

Need to deploy your website on the server or regular support? We are here to help.

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Boost up loading speed

Experiencing slow loading speed of your website. Let's boost up it.

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Web maintenance

We provide long term website/server maintenance support.

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API writing

We write stable and secure API writing services.

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Restful APIs integration

We are expert in integrating restful APIs (Google Map, Twitter...) into your website.

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Payment solutions

We provide secured payment method integration solutions in your website.

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Chat Bot

We develop intellectual Chat Bot for your business/you.

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Custom service

We also offer custom services to implement your ideas.

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Apps Development

Mobile app is one of the core components to spread up your business from pocket to pocket of your targeted customers. There are about 4.77 billion mobile devices in 2017 that is 62.9% of the world population.

So, it's always smart decision to have a mobile app of your company or service.

Android apps

We make stable and crash free Android apps. Let's bring your idea into live

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IOS apps

We offer fashionable IOS apps development services.

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Multi-platform apps

We provide hybrid apps means multi-platform supported apps development service.

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React Native apps

Do you want to build your app in React Native? We are here to help you.

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Ionic apps

We offer Ionic apps development services too.

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PhoneGap apps

Are you interested in developing your apps in PhoneGap? Let's start it.

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Unity 3D games

You have an awesome gaming idea. Right? Unity 3D could be the best choice for you and we can help.

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Corona 2D games

If you plan to develop 2D games, Corona 2D SDK maybe the best choice of you. Let's do it

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API Integration

Do you want to make mobile apps based on your API. We will be glad to help you. We provide API writing services too.

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Let's take a minute to hear your ideas!

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UI/UX Design

If you want more sales or more leads, you must have to present your products in a very fashionable/eye-catching style and maintain it's quality. And yes, there is no alternative of UI/UX design in this regards.

We provide professional UI/UX design services. Let's have look through our services.

Mobile apps

We design eye-catching and fashionable UI/UX of mobile apps.

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Fashionable website

We provide professional website UI designing services.

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It's always better to design GUI of your CRM as it's big enough. We are here to help you.

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3D games

We design awesome 3D gaming UI including characters and graphical interfaces.

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2D games

Let's bring your ideas into 2D graph/picture to accelerate your 2D games development process.

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Logo design

Get a profession log for your company/brand by our experienced graphic designer.

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Banner design

Eye-catching banner is always helpful to promote your business. Let's design a professional banner for you.

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Desktop application GUI

Do you require professional designer to design your desktop application GUI. Let's meet with our expert designer.

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Custom graphics

Do you want custom designing services also? We are here to help you.

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Let's design something for you!

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Digital Marketing

Products are useless without marketing. Even good products can gain nothing without marketing. People spend more that twice for marketing than its production. But that's not a key term of success. They real success comes when you'll spend your money in the right way and in the right place.

We are here to help you to get more leads by less money in regards of digital marketing.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

We offer 100% organic and white hat SEO (Search engine optimization) services.

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ASO (App Store Optimization)

Let's rank your apps in the very top in app stores' search result and get more installs.

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Website analysis

We offer professional website analysis services. Let's explore it.

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Content analysis

We can analyze and organize your web contents in the right way to make more visible to search engines.

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Business analysis

Get a professional hand to analyze your business.

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Domain research

We can find out potential domain for your expected business.

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Email marketing

Our experienced email marketers do effective email campaign to promote your product/service.

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SMS marketing

SMS marketing is being more popular day by day and we can run a successful SMS marketing for you.

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SMM (Social Media Marketing)

We can promote your business through SMM in a very organic way. Our dedicated marketing team is ready to assist your.

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We are here to boost up your business. Are you ready?

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