Marietta Florist was fetching difficulties in managing and selling flowers and gifts online using their existing website. They come to vpsoft to build a highly flexible system to manage their online sells & retails.

Vpsoft offer a consultancy, listen carefully to their existing problems. Then we do a market research in the floral industry to find out the best solution to manage their online sells & retails.

Finally, we create their dream website. They have a professional, eye-catchy, fast-performing, secured, and highly scalable advanced e-commerce website now. It was an blaze working experience in working with Marietta Florist.

Our services

  • Market Research
  • Product Strategy
  • Prototyping
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Testing and Demoing
  • Server Deployment

Aesthetics and User Friendly

Customers love its Aesthetic UI. Throughout the website you'll see mind blowing animations. And finally, its all features are well researched and presented in a very user friendly way.

Artificial Intelligence

Marietta Florist has awesome Artificial Intelligence. It detects running and upcoming events like Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, & others and display products accordingly.

Search, Sort, and Filter Products

It has user friendly features to find your desire products easily. You can search products by its name, sort products by name or price, and filter products by categories, occasions, and price range.

Blazing Products Purchase Flow

It's product purchase flow makes it unique in the floral industry. In a single popup modal, you see product details and input your delivery date and location. In the same page, you can attach related products and add-ons to the main product.

Single/Multiple Recipients

You can send the same gift to multiple recipients or multiple gifts to the single recipient. Means, you no need to purchase same gifts multiple times for sending to multiple recipients.

Scan Credit Card to Pay

We've introduced OCR(Optical Character Reading) in Marietta Florist website for faster checkout process. Customers can scan their credit card and our OCR will grab the related info automatically. It also has advanced payment gateways like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Order Tracking

Once customers order a gift, they can track their orders progress on the live time. This play a vital role to maintain a good business relationship between customers and retailers.

Favorite List

Customers can create their favorite lists with their favorite products and accessories. It's convenient to order same products multiple times or purchase something later.

Book an Appointment

Marietta Florist also offer consultancy for wedding & funerals. Customers can book their convenient schedule from the available slots in the calender. And they get reminder in approximate time.

Responsive Design

Marietta Florist is compatible with all major devices including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. It's cross-browser tested and it works great in all popular web-browsers. In a word, it's fully responsive and functional website.

Fully Customizable Dashboard

It has on demands 100% custom made, secured, and fully customizable dashboard. You can control all sort of things in the back office including products, inventor, orders, customers, CMS, and others.

Print Order and Label

When orders come, you can see a complete list in the dashboard as well as you can print the order and its label (shipping address) with a single click. You no need to expend extra time for generating them.

Product and Inventory Management

You can create, edit, update, and delete products, add-ons, and accessories as much as you want. It also has modern and historical inventory management system, in where you'll get full control in managing of your inventory.

Vacation Mode

Sometimes you may require a vacation. You can enable vacation mode for a specific period. Customers still can visit your website and place orders. But they can't select the delivery date in between your vacation date. They've to choose from other available dates.

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